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Horrible they deal better with reach people cant care less with people with bad credit like they claim to be! Add comment

Sun toyota took very good care of me and always have i am on my 5 th car with them Add comment

We went to sun toyota and bought a car. We tried to purchase an extened warrenty and they couldn't seem to get the paperwork right. We gave 100dollars down and they said we coudn't get it back. They ripped us off. Wonder how many more people they ripped off. Went to chevy and got the warrenty. Will never go back. Add comment

I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla. When turning the steering wheel side to side slightly there is a loud buzzing/humming sound/pitch. The sound starts when going at higher speeds on the highway, 60 mph. The problem seemed to start after having the 2014 power steering recall done. What can be can be done about this problem? I also have a problem with the radio. The power goes out and when I turn it back on and push the preset button the radio goes off... Read more

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I had the same problem I look at the Toyota RAV4 online at sun Toyota it was asking $11500 when I get there they brought me back to there junk yard and told me this is not worth 11500 it's worth A LOTS MORE WHEN IT IS FIXED UP The car look like a piece of .... And they asked me if I wanted to buy as it they will sell it to me for $12k what kind of *** is this is that the TOYOTA DEALER do fault advertisement . Read more

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Found a certified used Prius online I wanted. Called to see if they would be negotiable on the price and they said "of course" drove 2 hours from Orlando to see the car and the first thing the salesman pat says is it is non negotiable. Ended up leaving pissed off and the next day I get a call to ask how it is and they asked if I could come back in. My mistake, I did and saw the car during day light hours and the inside of the car was absolutely... Read more

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I went into this dealership in February and purchased a $21,000 vehicle (used) just days after I had to purchase tires because one was losing air and when I had it checked was told it has a gash,then I started to have issues with the vehicle so I took it to the Ford dealer and they had it for over four weeks because it has to have two clutches in the transmission replaced.. I called Sun Toyota and spoke to Johnathon and was told he wanted to... Read more

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Sun had my truck for over 75 days to do a warrnty job they said would take 1 to 30 days. They had my truck, loaned me a corolla while they had truck. Said they would comp. two tire and fuel injector cleaning. Then then when they say it is all ready, they renegged. I do not trust them. Add comment

I agree with several others & wish I too could give them a -ZERO.. Caveat Emptor if you make a wrong turn & go in to this dealership they kept me there so many HOURS I was going to call 911 & yell 'kidnapped'.. I was so exhausted at the end of 7+ hours (and no food) I signed whatever they put in front of me which I guess was the goal to begin with.. Keeping a 72+ (at that time Dec 2013) single woman hostage for 7+ hours borders on... Read more

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If I could give ZERO stars I would but you're forced to put at least 1. This dealership is full of employees who are rude and difficult to deal with. We went to Sun in August of 2014 because they mailed us a "pre-approved" letter. When we met with the salesman he basically wouldn't show us anything except the 2014 Camry even when I told him it was more expensive than we would like, he said "they could make it work", we spent HOURS with him while... Read more

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